For Your Business
Wouldn’t it be helpful to remind your clients about upcoming meetings or appointments to increase your business success? Now you can schedule reminders for your clients and customers about upcoming meetings or appointments.
For Personal Life
When you are busy with important things in your life, you can schedule caring good morning, good night, or birthday messages with pictures for your loved ones to let them know you are always thinking about them.

What Is Schedule SMS?

You can schedule appointment or meeting reminders for your clients, and goodnight, good morning, or birthday messages for your loved ones in advance. Schedule SMS will send them for you.

Never underestimate the positive impact thoughtful messages can have on your relationships or businesses. Schedule SMS was built for this purpose.

Download now, it's FREE on iOS and Android

Write Messages

Write messages or attach pictures you would like to send.

Schedule Time

Choose a date and time you would like to the messages to be sent.

Just Relax

When it's time to send the message, just relax, Schedule SMS will send it for you.

*iOS users will need to manually click the "Send" button. We can't send messages on your behalf due to iOS's security constraint. However, we can prepare your message packages and alert you when it is time to send them.